Created in 2003, IKKS Men offers both tailored and sportswear looks. This is why the IKKS men’s wardrobe has every man’s own particular look: firstly very contemporary, almost avant-garde pieces and secondly, more casual and authentic models.


The IKKS Men Winter 2016 collection offers a new vision of the male wardrobe.
First of all, by redefining its volumes. Like the new ‘tapered’ trouser shape, combining the cut of jeans with the comfort of chinos. Like the jacket as well, a true cross-range piece in the collection, which is more supple and comfortable thanks, in particular, to innovative Italian fabrics.

Close to hand-tailored in its construction, the tailoring details and the cut give it its unique look. Then the spotlight turns to the fabric mix. Because IKKS has always expressed its excellence through all the details, and is doing so more than ever, the brand has met its challenge of combining a relief knit and an interlock knit, one plain and one striped, on the same product. Everything is designed with a certain elegance. Here, you have a print applied to the pleat of a shirt collar or cuffs, and there you have lining worked in patches of different materials. This season, all of the prints are exclusives: all-over ikat and minimalist motifs, floral prints and camouflage spots. Over and above the prints, graphic design moves outside the box and adds texture: layers of photos and geometric motifs, bold lines and lettering. There can no longer be any doubt of the influence of the workwear universe.

The 2016 version offers pieces with clean lines and of casual inspiration, symbols of a free attitude.

Discover the IKKS Men collection

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