Since its creation, One Step has reinterpreted fashion with this little twist that suits it so well. These elegant lines accented with a creative edge perfectly reflects its state of mind:  ultra positive, sunny and always expressed with great subtlety. The omnipresence of colour and exclusive patterns are two identity values that have been and are its strength. A casual and chic mix to assume without restraint on a daily basis.
The One Step collection brings out your femininity. Nothing is left to chance. The cuts are always perfectly fitted to enhance your figure. The materials are also chosen to awaken the senses… Light silks, lovely soft cashmeres and genuine leathers are imbued with true sensory pleasure.
More than just a style, One Step defines an attitude.


This Winter, the women’s collection has a city style with clean looks, a more formal but still an everyday elegance, subtle details that guarantee free expression of One Step’s DNA.

This season the looks will be ultra feminine with dresses, whether short, medium or long, which seduce with their elaborate shapes and daring cuts.
Prints are flourishing in the One Step wardrobe – arty Tachisme, pencilled flowers or more minimalist polka-dots, little bows, two-colour motifs – rub shoulders for an even more creative collection.
Lace makes its appearance to trim a blouse or dress and transparency is synonymous with elegance this winter.

A creative breeze is blowing on One step coats where you discover resolutely fashionable pieces like an oversize coat, egg-shape volume or a printed baseball jacket, without forgetting essentials, such as the military coat.
Particular attention is paid to details; we love the shiny details of this wardrobe brought by metal accessories like chains on the shoulder, “pompom” jewels or rhinestones on the necklines.

Discover the One Step collection

One Step Women
One Step Women
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