Ikks Group

The IKKS Group was founded by, for and around free spirits!

Frise chronologique IKKS

Since 1987, the Group has been taking on keen, enthusiastic employees with agile minds, who are ready to push all the boundaries. Every day, each of the Group’s employees continues to show the Group’s “Free spirit” , which IKKS founder Gérard Le Goff instilled in it from its beginnings. Find out about a group that’s firmly looking towards new areas and horizons!

IKKS, a fashion group win brands and lines that complement each other:

One step

Key figures & Locations

Collaborateurs IKKS

1800 Employees around the World

Points de vente IKKS

831 Sales outlets (396 affiliates, 284 branches, 151 concession stands)


7 countries

(France, Benelux, Spain, China, Ukraine, United Kingdom)

Our values

The IKKS group story is based on the freedom to be. The idea of doing things according to your personality and not the norms in place. This freedom to be is typical of childhood, the ground IKKS laid its foundations on when it started writing its story. This way of daring to be what you really are, to try things, to make mistakes being aware that when it comes down to it, nothing in your life is really important except for life itself.

It is this free spirit that has continued to push the IKKS group towards other areas: fashion for women and men. With AudacityIntegrityTeam spirit and Commitment.

Audace IKKS


Integrite IKKS


Esprit d'équipe IKKS


Engagement IKKS


Providing beautiful and liberated clothes for the world and the greatest number of people, showing our love of being here to be ourselves while respecting others and the planet, all this is a dream for us, the members of IKKS, I.Code and One Step.

This is what’s been making us get up each morning since the beginning and for a long time, us, the eternal fearless kids hungry for adventures and wins.

IKKS, a committed employer

Employeur engagé IKKS

When you join the IKKS group, prepare to experience an adventure in fashion of course, but also one that’s down to earth. It will be an adventure during which you’ll fully show how unique you are, daring to be yourself. And you’ll also take up all the world challenges alongside us and use authenticity, audacity and freedom to contribute to an entrepreneurial success. Within the IKKS group, we have all chosen to be free spirits where we each design our path according to what we want and our profile.

Our Professions

création & marketing de l'offre IKKS

Design & Marketing the offer

Communication & Marketing IKKS

Communications & Marketing

Commerce IKKS


E-commerce IKKS


Achats & Supply Chain IKKS

Purchasing & Supply Chain

Fonctions support IKKS

Support functions

Block release training & Internships at IKKS

Our Block Release training & Internship policy’s aim is to train, support and promote the loyalty of young people. The block-release students and interns working with the IKKS Group are supported by a tutor & an HRBP, a real HR representative forming a close-at-hand relationship. We give them a career-oriented experience with structure to build on, involving real missions and responsibilities.

IKKS, a sustainable group

Ludovic Manzon - CEO IKKS

“As we are free to refuse prevailing resignation, as we are not afraid of the challenges, and more than anything as the whole of the textile industry must absolutely change, we have decided to take concrete action to improve IKKS.
We are convinced that with determination, but also goodwill and humility, we can do what we do with a more sustainable and ethical approach in the long term.
We owe it to ourselves, our environment and to future generations.”
 Ludovic Manzon – IKKS CEO

In addition to having signed the Fashion Pact, our CSR “IKKS Act for Better” approach is based on 5 priorities:

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