The IKKS Group’s commitment in professional equality


The professional equality index is a mandatory exercise for many French companies. At IKKS, we see it as an additional opportunity to work for gender equality.

Based on an overall score of 100, this index makes it possible to evaluate the inequalities between women and men in companies, on the basis of five criteria

  • The pay gap
  • The gap in the distribution of individual increases
  • The distribution gap in promotions
  • The percentage of female employees who receive a raise after returning from maternity leave
  • The number of women and men in the 10 highest paid positions

Based on these criteria, the IKKS Group obtained a score of 96 out of 100, for the year 2023!

This high score, which has been steadily increasing since 2019, reflects the responsible management of the IKKS Group, combined with an ever stronger desire to fight against inequalities between its employees.